lirik Lagu Diamond Eyes - Flutter


 Diamond Eyes

 I'm alone, I'm a broken home
I gave you all the bricks that I own
 And no, I'm letting go
 I'm breaking these walls down, breaking these walls down

 If you wanna adventure then flutter home
 But if you wanna travel, then go alone
Yeah, what's the point in us if I'll never know
Yeah, if you're gonna leave then I'mma let you go

Go away, I'm tired of the pain
Go away, I'm done with yesterday
 (Flutter, flutter)

 I fell, where my demons dwell
 My own, it's a nightmare, I call it hell
 Oh well, time to get back up
 Climbing and climbing, I'm done with this ride
Is what I tell myself, so I can feel something else
 Yeah I guess I had my bad days, but it doesn't mean I lost myself

 Darling where were you, when my heart was on the ground
I thought…

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